Clarify What You Want

“When your Vision is clear, the results will appear.”

Germany Kent

I have written in a previous article concerning the critical role of Vision. My favorite quote on Vision is from Tony Dungy – “Your Vision is what you become in life.” So, if you plan to become a millionaire, your Vision as a wealthy person must be clear in your mind. Are you using your imagination to the fullest? A very famous Einstein quote is: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” See yourself in a very wealthy situation with all the money you need doing all the things you want to do. Don’t be stingy with your Vision. Go big! 

One important thing about a personal Vision is you really need to create and write your Vision everyday. Your idea of success will change. You will learn to create a larger and clearer Vision as you concentrate on it. Don’t focus on and live in the past as most people do. Adopt a Vision focused on a glorious future and your circumstances and behavior will begin to change as you envision your future.

Practice quantifying your Vision. Some examples could be:
* My income will average $1,000,000 a year by the year 2025.

*I will take a six week vacation in Hawaii in 2022.

*I will have a business in three states by 2024.

According to Benjamin Hardy “The more detailed the Vision is to you, the more believable it will be to you.”

Ignore the “Hole”

“The way to measure your progress is backward against where you started, not against your ideal.”

Dan Sullivan

Key revelation: Your Vision and your goals are not the same. Your Vision is your “ideal”.  Your ideals are general and can’t be measured. It’s your preferred way things should be. It’s a perfect mental picture of your Vision. Ideals change because of many influences. Actually, as you are moving toward your Vision, you will also change as a person. You will adopt new attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities. Your Vision is very important because it is the source of your specific goals set to a specific timeline. 

Here’s the problem: Your Vision (Ideal) is very motivating. It fills you with excitement and anticipation. For example, “I’m going to be a millionaire in 2025!” All you see are happiness, satisfaction and confidence. But when you stop and measure yourself from where you are against where you want to be, you can really get discouraged. That’s the “hole”. You can fix this by having specific and measurable goals and as the quote says “measure your progress backward against where you started” not just how far you have to go. This makes a huge difference.

Measure your current self or status against your previous self or status and you will feel happiness, satisfaction and motivation. However, you must have specific and measurable goals, example, you finished reading a critical book. As you go, you’ll set new goals and better ideals as you gain the “millionaire persona”. This is a never-ending process, so just get ready for it. You must appreciate any progress you’ve made to help you stay on the course to your Vision. “If you’re not growing and changing, you’re not happy.” Benjamin Hardy

”One of the most important principles governing personal development is the Principle of Becoming.’” 

Dr. Francis Myles

Commit to Specific Results

It’s easy to tell what we’re committed to. All we have to do is look at our results. What are the results of our daily activities?

 “You’ve got to bet on yourself if you want it bad enough.” 

Benjamin Hardy

  You must get to a point of no return. No turning back!

Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach uses a 90 day system for measuring progress. This is great because it creates a habit that can carry you as you grow into that millionaire. Many Businesses use this method. Answer three questions every 90 days.What have been my “winning achievements’?

What am I most proud of achieving over the past quarter? Ex. Did you complete a course or read several books?

What’s encouraging me most? What’s increasing my focus and making me more confident? Ex.  Did you pick up or enhance a great skill like public speaking etc.?

What would be bigger and better? As you look ahead, what would give you a great “jump” toward your Vision? What would give you the greatest sense of excitement? Ex. Taking an advanced on-line course or visiting a mentor.

If you review your progress every 90 days… and set measurable goals for the next 90 days, you will see your progress and not be too concerned about the “hole”, that is, how far you have to go. We build progress with short term achievable and measurable goals.

It’s the commitment that makes all the difference.

Our Prayer 

Father, place a deep conviction in us of our responsibility to become millionaires in Your Kingdom.

Give us a strong love of learning and an urgency to act on what we learn in pursuit of excellence for Your Kingdom.

We thank you Lord, and seal this prayer in the name of Yeshua (Jesus), our Redeemer.


See you at the top!

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