“We are what we repeatedly do.”


Our “Future Multimillionaire Selves” can only become a reality if we change our behaviors from those of the regular guy to those of the Multimillionaire who responds to the voice of Yah. They see things differently and develop habits that the normal person does not practice. The great thing is, these behaviors are not that hard to acquire. It is knowing about them and understanding how to apply them in our daily lives that makes the real difference between being an “average Joe” or becoming an accomplished Multimillionaire. This post explores three essential habits and how they relate to the accumulation of wealth.

Multimillionaires Only Say Yes to a Few Things

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.”

Warren Buffett

The truth is that whatever you do during the day, you are saying “yes” to it. Stop and consider what your daily routine looks like. What are you saying “yes” to?  I appreciate my iPhone telling me how much time I have spent on it. I can see what I am actually doing. Am I saying “yes” to  four hours of screen time that includes Facebook and others? Of course, if it is business related, that’s a different thing. But if it is just phone addiction, I must rethink this habit. Just imagine what I could create or learn in four hours! It takes only one or two hours a day to write a book! Learning new skills such as a foreign language or a physical skill can be mastered in less than four hours a day. That is big! Multimillionaires say “no” to many things so they can say “yes” to becoming a secure Multimillionaire. Having a strong and profitable business that solves a problem for society is really the key to becoming this great “Future Multimillionaire Self”. Let’s resolve to say “yes” to what it takes to build a business that solves one of the world’s biggest problems as we are guided by the voice of Yah. There are many problems to be solved. Benjamin Hardy tells us to only say “yes” to the things our “Future Selves” are excited about.

Multimillionaires Value Excellence Over Money

“Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.”


Legitimate wealthy people do not worry about losing their money because they know they can get it back if they need to.  Their energy is focused on maintaining and improving the excellence of their product or service. Holy Spirit should be your senior partner. He will bring you into the knowledge of the excellence you need. You can enjoy life  a lot more when you focus on excellence and providing a solution to a problem rather than focusing on money. In a popular post I wrote some time ago,”The Superiority of a Purpose Driven Business”, I explained the psychological and physical benefits of having a strong Purpose. This Purpose along with the quest for excellence cannot fail to make you wealthy.

One other aspect of business that Multimillionaires give attention to is the phenomenon of change that constantly surrounds us. He/she stays in front of change because keeping up with change brings in money. The Business Founders pays attention to what is happening in society and the environment and pursues opportunities early in the game. Therefore money must not be your sole focus. Excellence and relevance must be your focus and must always be on your radar.

Multimillionaires Leverage Their Service and Expertise

“Leverage in your business is about insulating what you care about.

Jeanine Blackwell

There are several definitions of “leverage”. One involves the use of loans or investments. Another involves  the exertion of force. In this post, I will use leverage as meaning, the use of something to maximum advantage. Jeanine Blackwell’s statement involves the maximization of your business potential for sustainability. Multimillionaires use tools such as Core Ideology (Purpose and Values), Standards and Systems in their businesses to sustain them even when they are not personally working in them. The businesses basically run by themselves. This is great insurance that does not depend on a few key people. The business is literally, self sustainable. How can you do this? See Business Architecture for Black Founders and other excellent business building resources. Following is another application of the word, leverage.

“Leveraging your strengths means doing more of what you are good at to get more of what you want.” 

James Carolin

Multimillionaires leverage their service and expertise by making use of several streams of income. The wealthy often earn money from different angles. You can begin thinking of different ways to offer your solution of a big problem through various channels. Here are some of the ways you could do it. Think of building the following streams of income particularly after your business becomes profitable:

Royalty Income – Write books, use patented inventions, design artwork, mine resources on your land and others.

Other Residual Income – Design automated trainings and more.

Interest Income – Acquire CDs, bonds, checking accounts, saving accounts or other interest bearing accounts.

Some Multimillionaires have as many as seven or more streams of income. In future posts, I will write about these streams of income in depth. Stay tuned.

The bottom line..be the Multimillionaire Future Self now! Do the things Multimillionaires do!

Our Prayer 

Father, place a deep conviction in us of our responsibility to become millionaires in Your Kingdom.

Give us a strong love of learning and an urgency to act on what we learn in pursuit of excellence for Your Kingdom.

We thank you Lord, and seal this prayer in the name of Yeshua, (Jesus), our Redeemer.


See you at the top!

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