About the Author

My Mission

My Mission is to inspire this generation of kings of the Kingdom of God to rise to their rightful states as “Masters of Wealth”(Myles). We are in an extraordinary time in the history of man. God’s chosen people are compelled to take their rightful places as leaders and changers in the world cultures. I will consistently review the available information about how to become multimillionaires in the present economy. We cannot lead and control the seven mountains or change the world cultures without the power of money. Yahuah (God) wants His people to be wealthy in spirit, health and finance. The information and guidance shared on the site will help you take your place as a wealthy ambassador of the Kingdom.

I am also the author of a helpful book for small business entitled “20 Small Directives for Success: Do or Die”. Plus I am in the process of designing a 12 course online training for Founders who dream of owning a large business. The course is “Business Architecture for Black Founders” which covers a large array of skills required of successful managers and leaders of the 21st century.

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